Zea Metairie – a good place to watch Drew Brees break records.

Zea Metairie

Red Beans and Rice with andouille sausage and fried chicken at Zea

Zea Metairie

Bad weather evenings offer two choices for dinner if you don’t want to cook. Delivery services operate in the rain, but the food may arrive wet. Restaurants close by serve dinner under all conditions. I chose the latter on Monday night.

Zea in Metairie is right in the front of Clearview Mall. It’s been there for years. The company opened the restaurant as a brewpub. Brewing moved across the lake. They serve beers from other breweries now as well.

Lazy Magnolia

Zea Metairie

Sweet Potato Stout from Lazy Magnolia, on tap at Zea

I started with a Sweet Potato Stout from Lazy Magnolia, a 20oz pour. I like this beer. It’s dark and smooth.










Zea’s Menu

I pretty much knew what I wanted when I walked in. Mondays mean red beans, and I like Zea’s. I sipped my stout and perused the menu. I brought my Moleskine for a writing project. Beer helps creativity! With nobody at home but the cat, I wasn’t in a hurry. Maybe a starter?

Zea Metairie

Duck Empanadas at Zea Metairie

I ordered the Duck Empanadas. Zea sells their starters in small and “to-share” sizes. I got the small portion. The two empanadas hit the spot.

Red Beans and Rice

Monday means beans. Totally New Orleans. Zea serves their beans with andouille sausage and chicken. They serve the chicken either fried or grilled.

Fried chicken and red beans goes back to Buster Holmes for me. Buster’s place also sold their beans with a pork chop. The chicken needs to be fried, though. There’s something about the combination of fried chicken batter and red beans that’s magical. These days, few lunch places serve fried chicken. It’s labor-intensive. Since Zea serves fried chicken anyway (notably on their “Honey Island Chicken” sandwich), it’s no big deal.

The andouille sausage is also tasty. The beans and sausage without the chicken would make a good lunch plate.


Zea Metairie

Drew Brees becomes the GOAT, from the bar at Zea.

While I’m indifferent to the NFL, Drew Brees breaking records is fun to watch. Better with beer!


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