Coffee and Sandwiches on YatCuisine Podcast 27-May-2019.

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YatCuisine Podcast 27-May-2019

YatCuisine Podcast 27-May-2019

“French Connection” Sandwich at Martin Wine Cellar

Coffee and sandwiches on the first “YatCuisine” pod! We begin with some thoughts and memories about PJ’s Coffee, and why the location on Canal Blvd. is my favorite. Then we talk about a recent lunch we had at Martin Wine Cellar.

PJ’s Coffee

Yatcuisine podcast 27-may-2019

PJ’s Coffee, 5555 Canal Boulevard in Lakeview

I’ve spent a lot of time at various PJ’s Coffee locations. I wrote my Young Adult novels, Dragon’s Danger and Discovery at the PJ’s in Clearview Mall in Metairie. I spent a lot of time at the PJ’s in Gentilly, over on Franklin Avenue by Leon C. Simon.

yatcuisine podcast 27-May-2019

The patio at PJ’s on Canal Blvd.

I found my PJ’s “home,” after a few times stopping in at the location on Canal Boulevard in Lakeview. Plantation Coffee House occupied the location until Katrina. They didn’t come back, and some folks opened a PJ’s in its place. While the folks who remember Plantation say the pastries and such in the old location were superior, I like the vibe at this PJ’s. It’s location is such that lots of people hit it up as they’re on their way to work. Canal Blvd. has no drive-thru. Therefore, customers park and go inside. The dynamics change when folks stand in line. At a minimum, most smile and wave at folks. Some (like me) listen to music or play on their phones. I always say hi to the NOPD officers who stop in. They’re great people.

yatcuisine podcast 27-may-2019

Train on the “Back Belt”

The location is on what’s known as the “Back Belt” for Norfolk Southern Railway. Trains always pass in either direction. Amtrak’s Crescent, heading to Atlanta, and eventually New York City, passes by between 0710 and 0715. The trains inspire the writing.

Martin Wine Cellar

yatcuisine podcast 27-May-2019

Martin Wine Cellar in Metairie (Infrogmation photo)

When we’re looking to go out for a bite on a Sunday, we have a few go-to spots for a sandwich. One of them is the Martin Wine Cellar store in Metairie.

yatcuisine podcast 27-may-2019

The “French Connection”

The “French Connection” – ham and cheese on a croissant. A bit warm and tasty.

yatcuisine podcast 27-May-2019

Breakfast burrito with Chorizo at Martin Wine Cellar

Breakfast burrito with chorizo. While most local places adding chorizo to their breakfast wraps, Martin uses Spanish-style chorizo, rather than Mexican.


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