YatCuisine Facebook plans to pick up where “Where NOLA Eats” will leave off.

YatCuisine Facebook

Initial cover page for YatCuisine the group

YatCuisine Facebook

Introducing a new Facebook Group. YatCuisine Facebook continues the concept of aggregating local food news, reviews, tidbits, etc, that began in the NOLA.com group, “Where NOLA Eats.”

Farewell, NOLA.com

The Where NOLA Eats group provided Facebook users with one-stop-shopping for food/restaurant content from Da Paper. With yesterday’s announcement that The Advocate purchased T-P/NOLA.com, a need arose. We know the staff at T-P have been given 60 days notice. Beyond that is unclear.

YatCuisine Facebook plans keep things going. At this writing, membership stands at over 300. While that’s a far cry from the 50K+ in Da Paper’s group, it’s not too shabby for less than 24 hours old.


I plan to keep the YatCuisine brand for the group. The mission of the group is different, however. While my personal stuff is a place for me to be an amateur foodie,YatCuisine Facebook seeks many voices. Membership is open, but subject to approval, to limit bots/spam. Posting is open. Moderators supervise and enforce the Prime Directive: Be Nice Or Leave!

NOLA Food Scene

The group allows Facebook “pages” to join, so restaurants, bars, and food writers/personalities to use their “business” voices. If you or folks you know in the industry maintain Facebook presences, please invite them to join the group. As we see this consolidation in the local media, independent platforms are essential.

There’s only one written rule for YatCuisine Facebook – “Be Nice or Leave!”

That’s all that’s necessary, as far as I’m concerned. Dara and I are admins. I’ve appointed two moderators who volunteered. I don’t know either of them personally. Different voices help shape the discussion, and I’m all about that. The group welcomes many, but grumpy racists won’t last ling. Fair warning!

I’m looking forward to this being a fun experience.

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