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Breakfast at Wakin Bakin!

I’ve got quite the fragmented personality on social media. I’ve got a number of friends who don’t like to talk politics, even though they’re more-or-less in agreement with my positions. Way back in the ancient times of Da Twittah, one of those friends suggested I separate out food posts. My general/political/omnibus Twitter account, @YatPundit was very busy. I thought, why not? It became an interesting challenge to manage two accounts. Same thing with my blog. I was using Drupal at the time, and running a multi-site configuration was different from the single blog. Starting YatCuisine the blog became a technical project, too. Social media has grown and morphed over the years, though, so now, not only do I have different personas (YatPundit, NOLAHistoryGuy and YatCuisine are just three), but then there’s subsets of those personalities on different platforms.

Breaking down YatCuisine Expectations

YatCuisine has four social media components: blog, Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook. Here’s what to expect.

The Blog

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Blog: This platform, YatCuisine.com, features restaurant reviews, beer and wine comments, and cooking I do at home. The restaurant reviews include places in New Orleans as well as places I travel to for work. #BeerThirty and #WineoClock are two features I’ve ramped up over the last week or two. Cooking has two components: stuff I cook regularly and have the recipes more-or-less down, and #TestKitchen, where I experiment with new recipes. Those dishes have mixed levels of success, as I take something I thought was interesting from a cookbook and modify it to Mrs. YatPundit’s tastes. Now that A Thyme and Place: Medieval Feasts and Recipes for the Modern Table, a cookbook written by my friends Tricia Cohen and Lisa Graves is out, #TestKitchen will attempt some of Tricia’s┬árecipes.

Da Twittah

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Twitter: @YatCuisine reflects blog posts, Instagram images, and Untappd check-ins for beer. If I’m in the mood to make a snarky comment while at dinner, it’ll go on Twitter. I also re-tweet food-related tweets from folks I follow.


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Instagram: One of the key YatCuisine Expectations is Food Porn Pics! I’m that guy. When I’m traveling, I eat alone most of the time, so taking photos of food doesn’t annoy anyone. It annoys the heck out of my family, though, so if we’re out in New Orleans, you’ll find that the quality (and frequency) of the photos goes down dramatically. Still, that’s what YatCuisine on Instagram is all about. I used to pretty much let everything that caught my eye go onto Instagram in the YatCuisine account, but I’ve added a few others to the phone. Now, it’s segmented more, like the blogs.

The Book of Face

YatCuisine Expectations

Facebook: My Facebook page is a mixed bag, but the YatCuisine page is strictly food. the Untappd check-ins go my personal wall, since the Untappd app won’t let me share to a page. Instagram photos echo to YatCuisine, YatCuisine on Facebook also is where I share recipes and food-related news items that I don’t intend on doing full blog articles about.

Have Fun!

Follow some of it, follow it all, either way, it’s all about having fun. Rest assured, what I won’t post on the food accounts is politics.

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