Top Oyster spots offer a great range of choices.

top oyster spots

Restaurant Antoine, the oldest restaurant in New Orleans. (GoNOLA dot com photo)

Top Oyster spots – I’ve got a few quibbles

This list of places in town to get good oysters isn’t bad. rarely puts forward a bad or controversial set of recommendations. Still, I’ve got a couple of quibbles with the list, as well as a few comments.

Best raw: I’ve got no argument with Manale’s, but don’t think they’re the only place in town. A lot depends on how you’re ordering your erstas. If you’re sitting at an oyster bar, chatting up the shucker, then the entertainment is a factor. If you’re just having them brought to the table, you’ll get good raw from a lot of places, such as Mr. Ed’s, Katie’s, and the places out on the lakefront. Casamento’s is still the fun, “old school” experience.

Rockefeller/Bienville: For Rockefeller, Antoine’s invented the dish. Their version doesn’t use spinach, but finely-chopped green onion. Other places just don’t taste the same. I prefer Antoine’s Bienville to Arnaud’s, but that’s a quibble. I’d get shrimp remoulade at Arnaud’s over the oysters, anyway. If you’re going to Antoine’s, the best option is to get the “2-2-2” – two Rockefeller, two Bienville, and two Foch.

Po-Boy: I’m not going to a full-service restaurant for a po-b0y. I’m going to a po-boy place. Go to Parkway or Parasol’s with a friend. Have them get an oyster sandwich, you get a shrimp, and split them.

Charbroiled – They’re A Thing these days

Definitely a top oyster spot — Drago’s invented the charbroiled oyster. They still do them well. It’s a lot of fun to go to a school or church fair where Tommy brings out one of the trailers and sells charbroiled oysters. The dish has expanded beyond Drago’s, however. Like Rockefeller and Bienville, you can get charbroiled at a number of places in town. My favorite is Katie’s in Mid City. I’m not going to turn down your invitation to join you for dinner at Drago’s, but if you let me make the plans, I’m going to say, let’s go see Chef Scot at Katie’s

Drinking and Erstas

I don’t see the two as compatible. Oyster shooter? What’s the point? The idea of sucking down an oyster so fast you can’t taste it is something for folks who say they hate them raw. Oysters at happy hour? Meh. Eat oysters or drink cheap liquor. Still, if you say, “we’re going over to Blind Pelican for happy hour,” I’ll say, I’m on my way.

Side comment on Acme Oyster House: the one in the Quarter is a zoo. No, it’s not just a zoo, it’s always a zoo. Acme has good food. Go out to Metairie to enjoy it.

The bottom line

We’re talking oysters here. If you like the place, and their seafood is cold and fresh, it’s going to be a good time.

What’s your place for oysters?



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