Poboy sign at Danny and Clydes at Clearview and West Esplanade in Metairie

photo article on NOLA.comphoto article on NOLA.com

Poboys have come a long way

Are poboys too expensive? This is a great short photo article on NOLA.com. The analyis is solid, even if the average price of the sandwiches in the article was $9.66. When I was an undergrad at UNO, poboys at The Bakery were in the $3.00 to $4.00 range. Todd Price’s data, as well as a quick check at the Bureau of Labor Statistics bear this out.

The per-inch price


$1.24 per inch for Roast Beef (courtesy NOLA.com)

This was the number that struck me as most relevant. A lot of places sell large and small-size sandwiches. Go to R&O’s in Bucktown and order their Italian Special sandwich. They’ll ask if you want the 5″ half or the 9″ whole. Their 5″ Roast Beef is $6.45, which is just a bit higher than the article’s $1.24/inch calculation.

Affordable poboys


Large Roast Beef Poboy from Danny and Clydes, $8.99

There are so many options as to what goes into a poboy. The article focuses on the three most expensive fillings: roast beef, oysters, and shrimp. All three tend to be more expensive than other items on the typical menu. It’s possible to find sandwiches less expensive than the ones discussed. Perhaps
On the other end, how about a whole-loaf sandwich, like the whole-loaf hot dog poboy from The Bakery, continued at Koz’s. The Koz’s sandwich is $12. Using the article’s $1.24/inch, that’s close to a $40 poboy! Sure, hot dogs aren’t roast beef, but still, a full-loaf poboy that can be split three or four ways comes out to $3-$4 apiece. Then there are places like Danny and Clydes (top photo), where you can get a $6 regular poboy. Again, it’s not oysters, but it’s cheap.

It’s about the bread


Binder’s Bakery, in the Marigny

It’s important to keep in mind that the bread makes a poboy, not the fillings. good french bread from Leidenheimer’s, Binder’s, Gendusa’s, that’s what it’s all about. You don’t want to put out $12 for a shrimp poboy? Go get a hotdog or french fry poboy for $4-$6. Both of them are made with the same french bread. Both are delicious!

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