Travel Dining - Sora Japanese Restaruant in DTW

12 Jun 2013

Sora Japanese Cuisine and Sushi Bar on Urbanspoon

Detroit's Airport has a number of pretty good food options, for an airport. I flew to and from Europe through DTW on a recent trip to Oslo, Norway, so I stopped for Japanese at a place called Sora, coming and going.

sora 1

Double-pork Ramen. The pork slices are advertised as their awesome BBQ-pork, but it was kinda meh. The soup and noodles were great, though.

sora 2

Gyoza Ramen. This totally made up for the meh of the pork ramen! Tasty, the pork sausage in the dumplings was very tasty. Combine that with a nice, cold beer, and it was a great post-long-flight dinner.