Breakfast at @RivistaNOLA

30 May 2013

(note: I couldn't resurrect the original version of this post after the crash, so re-writing)

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I've been to Rivista on Magazine Street twice in the last two months, once just to go for coffee, the other to meet @NewInNOLA for breakfast. Both times, I've had an enjoyable latte and this wonderful creation they call a "breakfast sandwich." I was a bit startled at first, because the egg was cooked over-easy, so it was yolky. With a croissant, that's just how I like it! It totally exceeded expectations because of that. I enjoyed that treat so much, I got it again on the second visit.

The coffee at Rivista is good. Italian espresso, makes for a great latte. It's amusing to watch impatient people bail on the place because there's only one barista who does it right, rather than rushing through the espresso drinks while making half a dozen blender-ized drinks at a chain place.

My usually complaining about how horrid Magazine Street is, I'm going to add Rivista into my coffee shop rotation. Early in the morning, the parking situation up there isn't so bad.