Phoenix Dining - Pizzeria Bianco

22 Dec 2012

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On my first trip to Phoenix last year, all a couple of the students in my Hitachi Data Systems computer storage class could talk about was how they wanted to go to this well-reviewed pizza place that had a reputation for a 1-2 hour table wait. I'm thinking to myself, no way I'm waiting an hour for anybody's pizza, but since it turned out that Pizzeria Bianco was only about four blocks from my hotel, and across the street from a nice pub that would make a solid fall-back, I decided to give it a try. I was able to sit at the bar (nine seats) immediately, so I stayed. And enjoyed. Naturally I made a return visit on my most recent trip two weeks ago.

Once again, I had no difficulties sitting at Pizzeria Bianco's bar, around 7pm. I started with a glass of the Chianti that was on the wine list (label escapes me now), and switched to a local red, Dos Cabezas


Last year, I had the "Wiseguy" pizza, which is onion, smoked mozzarella, and fennel sausage. This trip, I tried the "Sonny Boy," (above), which fresh mozzarella, salami, and Gaeta olives. Sauce good. Salami, olives, excellent, cheese, fantastic! Quick timing from order to service. These folks know how to turn tables, since their product is in high demand.

Service at the bar was just great. These are wonderfully polite folks, even under pressure (crowded) conditions. They moved things along, but I didn't feel squeezed or compelled to move at anything but my own pace. At the bartender's suggestion, I wrapped up my meal (after a second glass of Dos Cabezas) with a doppio espresso, and headed back to the hotel.

Is this the best pizza in the country? I'm still partial to The Terranova at Katie's in Mid City, but I've got no complaints about Pizzeria Bianco. It's certainly the best pizza I've had in Phoenix.