Dinner at @ChefCDB's Serendipity

25 Sep 2012

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We had dinner at Serendipity during Chef Chris DeBarr's "soft open" week before last. Mrs. YatPundit hates when I take a lot of pics when I'm out with her, so this is just a quick preview, rather than a full review.

Wine! This is a Portugeuse red. Mid-range price, and tasty.

Cheese! Chef is known for his selection of cheeses. I didn't remember the names, but the one on the left was hard, and like Manchego. The soft cheese in the middle was a "stinky" that had a great consistency and flavor. The one on the right was an aged Gouda. All winners!

Mrs. YatPundit had the "Cochon de Lait-Lei" pork, and I had the most magical "Lamb Baklava." No pics, which is how I stay married. I'll go back in the next week or two and do the place right, but I wanted to get some comments up now.