Vietnamese in #themetrys - Pho Orchid

6 Jul 2012

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I haven't eaten a lot of Vietnamese food, so I let my friend @NolaNotes pick a place where she could introduce me to some, and she picked a nice place in #themetrys, Pho Orchid.

@NolaNotes ordered us a couple of these Thai Iced Teas. It's a milk base tea with lots of interesting flavors combined.

Bun Thit Nuong Cha Gio - Vermicelli with Grilled Pork and Pork Spring Roll. This was incredible! The dipping sauce for the spring roll was tasty without being overly spicy. Pho Orchid had sriracha sauce on each table if you wanted to kick all or a portion of your meal.

Banh Mi Cha Lua - Vietnamese ham on a French baguette. Basically, a ham po-boy. Incredibly cheap and tasty. Most of this came home with me. I wouldn't have ordered it but my friend said I had to try a Banh Mi sandwich.

Fantastic lunch, good prices. I'll be back.