London Dining: Camino by King's Cross for Tapas y Jerez!

2 Jul 2012

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I've been coming to Camino since a weekend trip in 2009, when I was working for 10 weeks in Altrincham.  I took the Virgin Train down from Manchester, and stayed at a hotel near King's Cross. A quick search for tapas places within walking distance came back with Camino, and now I try to include it into every trip to London or Slough I make.

Even though I've never had an issue walking up and getting a table at Camino, I decided to use their online booking. What with all that's going on in London this summer, I figured it was the safe bet. The place was busy, but there were a few seats at the bar, so I would've been OK as a single. The number of tables each server worked was a bit high, but the attitude of staff was good even if response time was a bit slow.

Wine flights! While perusing the menu, I really had no idea what I wanted to eat, so I went back to the wines first. When I saw the wine flight listings, I thought that would be a good change of pace from getting just a bottle of something cheap (since I don't usually buy a good wine all for myself). I decided to start with the dry sherry flight. Clockwise from front, Amontillado, Manzanilla, and Fino.

I paired the sherry flight with the "Tabla de Quesos," which was three lovely cheeses and various sweets, nuts, and crackers. I started with the Amontillado first, going to the Fino, then the Manzanilla last, comparing the wines with the cheeses. More research is required here; all the combinations were enjoyable.

Because of the big shift between a sherry flight and a red wine flight, I decided to have a glass of Camino's sangria (above) while waiting for the second set of tapas to come out. So, this meal became more of a starter-and-main sort of affair than just a bunch of small plates

Grilled asparagus with romesco sauce, and were they ever wonderful!

Conchinillo con Morcilla - Roasted suckling pig from Aragón with Burgos morcilla, apple purée and thyme. Morcilla is Spanish blood sausage...boudin to you New Orleanians, "black pudding" to you lot in the UK. The morcilla is underneath a generous slice of roast pork, which had a great skin and a lovely sauce. The applesauce was such a great addition, as well. Add some great brown bread to these two, and it was a real winner.

Red Wine Flight! Three Tempranillos, from Castilla y Leon, Rioja and Ribera. Lovely wines, all.

Dessert: Postel de Chocolate, a flourless individual cake with a "molten" chocolate pudding filling, ginger ice cream, and a bit of raspberry sauce. The wine is a all de Xaló Mistela, a Spanish fortified wine.

Service: this trip, a bit slow. Not sure if that's because of the crowd that evening or if there was a problem in the kitchen, but things didn't come out as fast as they have in the past. Gave me time to let all this food settle, but still, problematic.

Overall, however, this meal was a winner, continuing my appreciation for Camino.