Lunch with @CurlyEmmy at @TheCompanyBurger

10 Apr 2012

The Company Burger on Urbanspoon

I've been indifferent to The Company Burger because of some of the online drama involving the owner over the last few months, but when @CurlyEmmy picks a place for us to have lunch, I say yes, ma'am and I go. The Friday before Mardi Gras was such a day. Both of us were running around, and the Uptown location as well as ample parking made it a good choice. I was trusting Emmy on the quality of the food.

This is "The Company Burger" - two patties, cheese, onions, hold the pickles, add bacon. Greasy and tasty! One of my big gripes is that the quality of burger buns is often horrid. The Company Burger's bread is excellent! @CurlyEmmy had a single, since she's a much more responsible adult than I am. (menu PDF here)

We got tater tots (left) and onion rings as our sides. The onion rings were outstanding, and I'm quite picky.

While The Company Burger does sell PBR, this flag amused me. The place is almost anti-hipster in that they have an excellent list of local craft beers on both draft and by the bottle. They even had Anchor Porter the day we ate there.

Would I bypass 2-3 locations of Bud's Broiler to get a Company Burger? Probably not. Still, next time I'm Uptown, I'll give it serious consideration. The Company Burger will definitely be in the next "top ten" list.