Silicon Valley Dining: Another great meal at @FaultlineBrew

9 May 2012

Faultline Brewing Company on Urbanspoon

Faultline Brewery is one of my regular places when I teach in Santa Clara, CA. It's within walking distance of the Residence Inn where I usually stay in Silicon Valley, an important thing when the beer's this good.

In addition to a number of regular craft brews, such as a world-class Kolsch and a very tasty Stout, Faultline Brewery regularly does a cask ale. That's what I started with on this trip.

Tempura Ahi Rolls - take a tuna roll made with high quality Ahi, roll it in tempura batter and deep fry.

Lamb Shank! I had this once before when it was the evening's special. Love their veggies as well as a great demi-glace sauce.

I switched to the London Porter for the main. I rarely get dessert at @FaultlineBrew, mainly because I'd prefer to have another pint and "drink" dessert.