Shreveport Dining: Columbia Cafe

18 Mar 2012

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My BFF raves about Columbia Cafe, her Wednesday afternoon gathering place/watering hole in Shreveport. When I was working on the other side of the Red River in Bossier City a few weeks ago, naturally I joined the group for their "Wine Wednesday" excursion. All this time, I thought they just got together and did happy hour at Columbia Cafe, where wine by the bottle is half-price on Wednesday evenings. It was a pleasant surprise to discover their kitchen puts out some wonderful food!

Meet Dingo. Dingo runs the place, can't you tell? It was such a lovely evening, and Dingo was gracious enough to let us sit outside.

Grilled trout in a lemon-butter sauce with mashed potatoes and brocolli. Several of the gals at the table got this, mixing and matching the sides to their liking.

"Sante Fe Chicken" - fried chicken breast topped with cheese, tomatoes, and guacamole. The batter was a bit spicy, and that made for a great dish!

Dessert was a lemon tart. You can't see the crust, but it was divine.

Forget casino buffets if you come over to Shreveport/Bossier from DFW...go check out Columbia Cafe!