Muffuletta Festival 2018 was laid back and tasty

muffuletta fest 2018

Muffuletta Festival 2018

Nor-Joe Import Company hosted the second annual Muffuletta Festival in Old Metairie yesterday. It was a small street fest, two blocks in length. That’s double the space of last year’s event.

Nor-Joe Importing Company

muffuletta festival 2018

“Lil Joe” Sandwich from Nor-Joe.

The first time I went to Nor-Joe was back in the 1980s. The lunch conversation one day centered on muffuletta sandwiches. A friend said, you need to try this place off Metairie Road. So, we did.
Nor-Joe was more of a grocery back then. My prominent memory was all the different imported olive oils they sold. The place is more a deli than grocery now. That’s common with old groceries. Online buying depressed sales at the specialty shops.

It’s hard to buy a sandwich online, though. You can get a Nor-Joe muff via Waitr, but not from Amazon.

The Festival

muffuletta fest 2018

Ravasio’s Italian Ice at Muffuletta Festival 2018

We arrived at Metairie Road and Frisco around 10:30am. The first musical act warmed up as we checked things out. Errol and Peggy Laborde sold their books outside a shop on Frisco. The vendors geared up for the anticipated crowd.

That first musical act was a young lady named Mia Kyle Ditta. She was pretty good! Ms. Mia chose old-people tunes, sort of a light-rock-less-talk set. She knew her audience.

The food

muffuletta festival 2018

Quarter Muff from Nor-Joe

Mahoney’s Po-Boys joined Nor-Joe as the big food vendors. Mahoney’s offered a paneed pork chop po-boy and “poor man’s lasagna”. They served a version of mac ‘n cheese similar to Rocky and Carlo’s, smothered in red gravy.

We got a couple of things from Nor-Joe’s. The quarter muffuletta ($5) and the “Lil Joe” ($5). The muff was warm, the cheese just a bit melted, and the olive salad the right proportion. The Lil Joe is a turkey sandwich on an Italian roll, topped with provolone, grilled peppers, and grilled artichoke. I had the muff, Mrs. Yatpundit had the Lil Joe. Her only issue with the turkey sandwich was the bread was huge, and she’s trying to cut back on the carbs.


muffuletta fest 2018

Blue raspberry ice from Ravasio’s

Several vendors offered desser at Muffuletta Festival 2018t. A gelato truck, City Gelato, anchored the back of the two-block festival area. Mahoney’s sold bread pudding. Nor-Joe sold cannolis. I chose a blue-raspberry ice from Ravasio’s of Baton Rouge.

Good food, music, and even a train went by!

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