Mr. Ed’s Metairie has great oysters.

Mr. Ed's Metairie

Char-grilled, Rockefeller, and Bienville oysters.

Mr. Ed’s Metairie

LT Firstborn visited for a couple of weeks, before he headed off to Guam and the USS Topeka. He loves oysters of all kinds, so we decided to go to Mr. Ed’s Metairie after seeing the Pelicans beat Indiana last week.

The Mr. Ed’s location. 3117 21st Street in Metairie, was Bozo’s Restaurant for years. Bozo’s started in the French Quarter. The restaurant moved to #themetrys in the 1980s. When Bozo died, Mr. Ed took it over, having worked for Bozo for a while. Mr. Ed’s Metairie did a great job of sticking to Bozo’s tradition and feel.


Mr. Ed's Metairie

We ordered two dozen oysters. the first tray was classic, char-grilled. The second was six Rockefeller, six Bienville. Both are Antoine’s creations. The original Rockefellers are covered with green onions. Other places, like Mr. Ed’s Metairie, use spinach. Oysters Bienville are topped with a mix of shrimp, mushrooms, bell peppers, sherry, a roux with butter, cheese, and bread crumbs.

I grabbed one of each on a smaller plate, leaving the trays by the submariner.


Mr. Ed's Metairie

Stuffed Bell Peppers

Mr. Ed’s Metairie has great sandwiches, as well as plates. So, there was a stuffed mirliton plate on the special menu, but they were out of it. So, I got one of my go-tos, stuffed bell peppers. They’re green peppers stuffed with ground beef and shrimp, well-seasoned and served with mashed potatoes. Delicious!

Mr. Ed's Metairie

Shrimp au Gratin starter

Mr. Branley and his younger brother ordered crabmeat au gratin. This dish was the other reason the submariner requested Mr. Ed’s Metairie. Mrs. YatPundit got the appetizer size of the au gratin. While the toppings are the same, she was less impressed with it, because it was shrimp rather than crabmeat. So, now she wants to go back in the near future, to satisfy the crabmeat craving. I tasted both, and they were great.

Late dinner

We got to the restaurant about 8:50pm. Mr. Ed’s Metairie closes at 10pm. We discussed this on the way from the Smoothie King Center. More than an hour before close? We were OK with that. Had we been, say, fifteen minutes before close? Different story.

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