MoPho Airport and dinner in Mid-City

MoPho Airport

“Leaving New Orleans” pho at MoPho Airport MSY

MoPho Airport

MoPho is at the “new” MSY, on Concourse, B. I fly mostly Southwest these days, since they do nonstops and no-plane-change flights to Columbus, Ohio. So, it made sense to stop for a bowl of soup on my last trip.

The “about” story on MoPho’s website is awesome. I can see a bunch of guys from New Orleans up and deciding they can make pho. Sure, why not? Well, Chef Michael Gullotta was Chef de Cuisine at August and knows his stuff.


Naturally, the restaurant’s name gives you the impression that it’s a Vietnamese place. That’s not accurate, though. It’s a New Orleans place that features pho. While much of Gulotta’s food is Asian and South Asian-influenced, you can still tell you’re at a NOLA place. What do you expect from guys who went to high school in Gentilly?

MSY Phood

MoPho’s Mid-City location is a solid success. Gulotta’s second restaurant, Maypop, is also quite popular. MoPho challenged themselves by opening up in the new terminal at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport. the restaurant offers food that’s a cut above most of the stuff road warriors find in airports.

MoPho Airport presents a number of options, from spring rolls to sandwiches to, of course, pho. I got the “Leaving New Orleans” pho (top photo). When I posted a photo of the soup on social media, someone commented, “looks like yakka-mein.” Not a bad comparison! The dish contains a lot of ingredients. So, it’s not simple broth, protein, noodles. The soup projected New Orleans more than Vietnam. Not surprising, not a problem.

The restaurant offers bar and table seating. Alas, they serve the pho in paper bowls. The bowls are made of heavy stock, but still. The bowl gave me an odd feeling. I get that it’s easier to throw everything away at an airport. While the bowl was odd, having to eat pho with a teaspoon was problematic. Give customers a soup spoon! I’ll remember to bring my own next time.

Mid-City Dinner

mopho airport

Beef Croquette with mushroom curry at MoPho Mid-City

We ate an early supper at MoPho Mid-City on Saturday. So, kiddo and I ate the special, a beef croquette with mushroom curry, and sweet potato puree. Wicked!


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