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Mandina’s in Mid City

Originally an Italian grocery, opened a century ago, when the Italian community outgrew the French Quarter and expanded out to Mid City, Mandina’s is now an established Creole-Italian restaurant on Canal Street.

“Guest Judging” with the @NOLAdining folks at Tower of Pizza!

Tower of Pizza 2104 Veterans Blvd in #themetrys Yesterday, I had the privilege of being the “guest judge” for’s outing to Tower of Pizza in Metairie. Tower of Pizza was one of the five finalists in their “Quest for the Best Pizza” contest. Da Paper did a write-in poll,...


Moving YatCuisine to WordPress. Look for a few other things happening here soon, too. In the meantime, you’ll be treated to my usual foodporn and such.

Lenten Friday

Mrs. YatPundit’s work schedule has been nasty since the beginning of the new year, so I’ve been planning simple dinners that can handle schedule disruptions. We went with seafood tonight, so it was a Whole Foods’ dinner. She had their “Creole Crabcake”, and I picked up a...

Guinness and Strawberry Chocolate Cake at @IrishHouseNOLA

This was the dessert special Chef Matt’s team concocted the night of our last meal at The Irish House. Yes it was as good as it looks....