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Atlier Vie’s Euphrosine Gin #9 with Guava Nectar…

The folks at Atlier Vie Distillery in Mid City have declared it Euphrosine Season, and we’re more than happy to do our part. I really like the new bottle that Euphrosine Gin #9 comes in, but I need to finish this one off. So, We’ll be trying a bunch of different combinations and cocktails featuring this wonderful gin!

Kicking off this series with something simple–gin and…something fruity. I had a can of Guava Nectar in the fridge, that I thought I’d mix into Sangria, before I saw Addie’s recipe over at Culicurious. I made her white sangria, and that left the guava nectar standing alone. Why not mix it with gin? I enjoyed the combination, but my almost-21yo son didn’t. We’ll keep experimenting.

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