This is a good sandwich list. Some thoughts:

  • Dong Phuong – Must one really drive that far out to find a good banh mi? No. Like any good po-boy, it’s about the bread. There are several good Vietnamese bakeries providing french bread to restaurants and food trucks, just like Leidenheimers and A.J. Binder have done for traditional po-boy restaurants for years. Still, if you want to, as Fitzmorris says, “eat it where it lives”, then go for a drive.
  • Central Grocery – I was down on Central Grocery for a while, but no longer. Solid option for a “cold muff”.
  • Sylvain – here’s a place where all I’ve done is go for drinks. I do need to fix this, this week, even.
  • Butcher – suggesting their muff is interesting. The muff is a sandwich where one tends to opt for the traditional providers, such as Central Grocery and Napoleon House in Da Quarters, or Nor-Joe in #themetrys. That doesn’t mean the places who don’t specialize in a muff aren’t good. This goes on my to-do list for my next trip to Butcher.
  • Stein’s – my usual cavaet about Magazine Street. To do Stein’s, I’ll have to start my day in Mid City, then get an RTA day pass, taking the streetcar into town, then the Magazine Street bus up there.
  • Casamento’s – a comment on this post asked why there were no po-boys on the list. For openers, that banh mi is a po-boy! Still, the writer clearly is going for something other than the classic style New Orleans sandwich. That doesn’t necessarily new and innovative, though. Casamento’s oyster loaf is neither. But it’s a platonic dish.
  • Regala Cuban Market – now on my to-do list. My standard for Cuban sandwiches is Churro’s in #themetrys
  • Parkway Bakery – suggesting the Reuben? Why not? So many people get te same sandwich every time they go to Parkway. I’m pretty much roast beef, hot sausage, or oyster po-boy. When you go some place more than once or twice a year, it’s good to get outside your personal box.

I don’t have comments on some of these others because I don’t have any experience with those places. Do you? Tell us what you think?

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