Covid Coffee Conundrum – when you’re making too much coffee

covid coffee conundrum

Covid Coffee Conundrum

Too much coffee? Is that possible? I drink coffee in the morning. I’m not a fan of afternoon coffee. Afternoons offer the chance to cool down with an iced tea or lemonade. Perhaps a chilled Rose’ or Sauvignon Blanc. Not coffee.

Classic Drip Pot

covid coffee conundrum

We used my momma’s drip pot for years to make coffee. It fell apart last fall. So, the only replacement I could find was a good bit larger. Making a single cup of coffee presented a challenge. That wasn’t a big concern, since I usually go to a coffee shop to write in the mornings. The coffee pot went to work when more than one person wanted a cup. That happens when our boys come home. While I could run to Dunkin, I suppose, it was better to have a new pot. Classic cafe au lait is important.

Small pour-over

Considering the options for replacing the old drip pot was fun. One of those options was a carafe-style pour-over system. The carafe meant making multiple pots when the boys were home. Nah, let’s stick with the drop pot. Then came stay-at-home. No trips to the PJ’s Coffee on Canal Blvd. for a while! That meant making more coffee at home. This drip pot does the job, but tempts the maker into more coffee! I hate throwing those extra cups out.

Exploring the choices for a new coffee pot involved going to Target, the supermarkets, and a lot of online shopping. In spite of all that, Amazon offered the only practical choice. For the pour-over, Amazon was the first choice.

covid coffee conundrum

The system works just fine. The carafe holds 32 ounces. So one scoop coffee yields two cups. That returns me to the coffee shop routine. One cup starts the morning, maybe a second if the visit goes longer. At home, two cups works out OK. The smaller carafe is easier to clean. It contains fewer pieces and parts.

Conundrum solved!

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