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Softshells at Antoine’s for Coolinary! (@nolanews photo)

For the last ten Augusts, The New Orleans CVB has sponsored Coolinary, a summer promotion designed to lure folks out of their air-conditioned cocoons to come out and eat. As Chris mentions in the article, it’s not just about the $20 lunch and $40ish dinner specials, it’s about the fun dishes the participating restaurants offer. It’s a chance for the old-line places like Antoine’s and Commander’s to go off their century-plus old menus, and nobody is shocked/outraged. “It’s Coolinary”. It’s not the old-line places, either; Brigtsen’s, Cafe’ Degas, and even Charlie’s Steakhouse get into the game.

We’ll be hitting the Coolinary restaurants. Tell us which ones look interesting to you!

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