spoon university tulane

Spoon University goes to Tulane

What a great story about a couple of guys attending Tulane University, and how they’re cooking for dorm-mates in Monroe Hall.

Planning a Tulane dorm meal

In any restaurant/cafe/diner, a cook comes in and cooks. The chef de cuisine has to plan things, though. Hunter and Ben are already learning some solid lessons about restaurant management:

As usual, the duo sat down on Wednesday night and brainstormed a menu for the upcoming weekend. Once they decided on their meal, they trekked over to the store on Friday for all their ingredients. This process seems straightforward, but it’s not without difficulties. Ben confesses, “We have to meet a few times a week to talk about paying for groceries, and we have to consider what Whole Foods has in season. We also change our ideas ten times a week.”

I’ll have to ask Chef CDB and others in the business if this is a good step into professional kitchen management. My instincts say yes, but what do I know, I’m a computer geek.

Making Money

Hunter and Ben appear to have the financial side of their dinners-for-twelve under control:

Hunter agrees, saying, “It’s just about the cooking! And it’s something that sets us apart from everyone else.” While they’re running a successful business with no shortage of potential, all profits so far have gone towards supplies for cooking (think everything from pots and pans to aprons).

And in the style of a starting-out rock band, they’re putting the profits back into equipment. Who knows, maybe they’ll be able to start a pop-up, if the amass the right equipment list.

The article says that they can have over a hundred requests to join them, so a seat at their table is hard to come by. Best of luck to Hunter and Ben and their venture!

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