Sun Dial at the Westin Peachtree Plaza, Atlanta

27 May 2010

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Two weeks ago, firstborn graduated from the Georgia Institute of Technology in Atlanta. We went up for the ceremony and took him out to his choice of restaurants for dinner that evening.

It's interesting to watch what happens when you give a 21-year old born and raised in New Orleans carte blanche to pick a restaurant in a different city. His choice was Sun Dial, the revolving restaurant at the top of the Westin Peachtree Plaza Hotel.

We had 8pm reservations for four on a Saturday night. After dropping off the car with the valet (recommended-it looks like an annoying hotel hi-rise garage to self-park), we went up the 77 floors to the restaurant. Unfortunately the nice glass elevators that take you directly up to the Sun Dial were out of service that evening. We checked in with the hostess and were seated.

(As usual with family outings, I have no photos of the meal.  The boys really do get annoyed when I take pics during dinner!)

A quick glance at the menu indicated that the four of us were going to be all over the place in terms of entrees, so I ordered a sparkling rose, a fair compromise as well as being celebratory. For starters, I suggested the "carpaccio three ways" which was beef, lamb, and bison on a bed of greens. We also got an order of "scallops oscar," which was seared scallops sitting on small crab cakes, topped with asparagus and hollandaise sauce. The carpaccio was good; the lamb and bison gave the boys a chance to taste some different meats. The scallops were a huge hit, but only three on the plate! I immediately flagged down our waiter to get another order.

For the mains: Firstborn and I had the roasted lamb chops. They came on top of a "chickpea mash" - translation, hummus without olive oil, making it very dry. The "minted sweet pea puree" that topped the chops more than made up for the failings of the chickpeas, as did the small kebab of sausage and spring squash.

Kiddo had the steak, specifically the "blue cheese, mushroom and bacon crusted beef tenderloin." I was surprised he went for this one, since the "cowboy ribeye" didn't have the toppings. I was even more surprised when he ate the whole thing.

Mrs. YatPundit's entree was the big winner, though, the "tempura battered lobster tails" (recommended). Take two 1/4lb rock lobsters, boil them, then pull the tail meat from the shell. Batter and fry the tails tempura-style, return them to the split shell, and serve with bok choy and rice. By far the best of the three mains.

For dessert, we split the "baked chocolate fudge brownie," and I had a cappuccino.

Sun Dial is one of those revolving places that makes a full 360-degrees in about an hour. It was perfect for a festive occasion, giving firstborn a chance to look out on the city where he's lived for the last four years and take pride in his accomplishment, a BS in Nuclear and Radiological Engineering!