Red Beans and Rice from Zea

8 Feb 2010

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I had a craving for a red-beans-and-rice Monday, and since I was in Metairie, I went for my fave in the neighborhood, Zea Rotisserie and Grill.

The best red beans I've ever eaten in my life were from Buster Holmes' place in the French Quarter. They were what the late Dr. Collin described as "platonic"-an example of a dish that is as close to perfect as you can get. Chef Buster's red beans were sold as a full-blown meal, with a piece of fried chicken, or a pork chop. Just wonderful.

Zea's red beans plate (platonic), with a link of andouille sausage and a fried chicken breast are the closest to Buster Holmes' that I've found. Yes, others make great red beans, but Zea approaches platonic. Apologies to the kitchen for modifying the plating of the dish. They didn't set it up so the chicken looks like flapping wings. The chicken was nicely tented over the beans. While it was practical for getting the dish from kitchen to table, the arrangement blocked the beans.