Lunch at @JuicyLucysNOLA in Mid City

21 Oct 2011

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I have a confession to make. I was feeling a bit guilty after picking on Juicy Lucy's horrid social media presence last week, so I decided to have lunch there today. I'm glad I did. The specialty de la maison is the "stuffed burger," where Juicy Lucy's puts the cheese in the middle of the patty rather than on top. Interesting concept, so I gave it a try.

The burger in the photo at the top is the "9th Ward Blues" Burger - bleu cheese and mushrooms stuffed inside a half-pound burger. It looks totally plain, almost to the point I had to wonder if they brought me the right order.

Dig into the burger, and it's a different story! That was some good bleu cheese! I noticed a number of complaints on UrbanSpoon about overcooked burgers, with the response from servers being that the stuff burgers have to stay on the grill longer to make sure the cheese melts. Given that my burger was a nice medium (enough pink inside to make me happy), they've worked this out, at least for the bleu cheese. Cheddar is a pain, and may be the problem, not sure what those folks ordered.

The onion rings were pretty tasty as well. Side choices were regular fries, sweet potato fries, and the rings.

Juicy Lucy's is located on N. Carrollton, in the 100 block, lake side. The only bad thing about the location is that they're trapped in between branches of two banks that have fenced-off parking lots. Given reports from the neighborhood that the Walgreens across the street (formerly the Robert's Supermarket) tows off cars that don't belong to customers, parking is a problem for Juicy Lucy's.

Juicy Lucy's is an over-21 place!!! Their video poker machines are wide out in the open, so you can't bring the family here. Keep that in mind before venturing out with the kids. That said, I enjoyed the atmosphere. It's a nice little pub.