Lunch at Come Back Inn - out in #themetrys

5 Feb 2011

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I had to go to Parish Court out on David Drive last week, and that reminded me I wasn't all that far from Come Back Inn. While out not terribly far from that way Thursday, I stopped in for lunch.

White beans was the daily special. The basic plate comes with smoked sausage, and you can "upgrade" that to a pork chop or two. I stuck with the sausage. The beans were good and creamy, blending well with the rice. There were several chunks of ham on the plate as well, a good indication they were slow-simmered with a good ham bone. The little salad wasn't much, but Come Back Inn's honey-mustard dressing is OK. Lots of french bread to munch on, and I'm sure they would've given me more had I asked.

You walk up to the counter to order at Come Back Inn. Pay, get your number and your cup if you ordered a drink, then head to the dining room. The plate, along with an iced tea, was $8.61. I left $2 for a tip.

Good lunch place when you're in the neighborhood.