Dinner at @NonnaMiaNOLA on Esplanade

10 Dec 2010

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We bought an "on-line coupon" deal from @LivingSocialNO for Nonna Mia's on Esplanade. I've already eaten there several times, including once with kiddo, and once with a tweetup group, so we knew the coupon deal would be worth it. Nonna Mia's is a great little Italian restaurant/pizzeria located in Faubourg St. John.

Nice fall evenings mean everyone wants to dine al fresco wherever they can. Nonna Mia has a nice-sized patio, so naturally the place was busy on the Friday we went there. No worries, we had a drink at the bar. I ordered bubbles for the wife - Di Paolo Prosecco, and I had a glass of "Bigi Est! Est!! Est!!!" The wine is from Montefiascone, and the story behind the name is that a traveling bishop would send his aide ahead of him to scout inns and taverns. When the aide found a good one, he'd mark "Est!" (Latin for "this is it") on the wall. When he got to Montefiascone, he marked the wall of the inn "Est! Est!! Est!!!" That 12th Century wine taster was right, wines from Montefiascone are all that.

Don't let the empty tables in the left-side dining room fool you, the patio and right-side dining rooms were packed, and a 4-top had just left this room.  It was nice to have the room to ourselves for a couple of courses, though.

Since we both decided on entrees that worked with red wine, I got us a bottle of Collegiata Montepulciano di Abruzzo.  Red wines at Nonna Mia range from $22-$43; this one was $26.  You can also bring/drink your own,  for a $10 corkage fee.

This is the "Divine Portobello."  We ordered this as a starter the day of our tweetup, and it vanished so fast, I didn't get much of it (never sit between @NOLAnotes and @charlotteAsh when they're hungry).  The sauce for this mushroom/chicken/spinach starter is creamy but with a bit of a kick.

Pizza! Mrs. YatPundit had the pepperoni pizza, which we knew would be good because kiddo got it on our first visit here.  Thin crust, good sauce.

I had "Siciilian style Cannelloni alla Carne"  tubes of pasta filled with meat sauce.  The meat is Italian Sasage, which is mixed in with carrots, peas, celery, mushrooms and tomato sauce.  It's topped with mozzarella and parmesan cheese, baked, then topped with bechamel sauce.

We left room for dessert, which was this delicious piece of Tirimasu, and a cappuccino for me.

The tab (excluding the drinks from the bar) was about $72 with tax/tip.  I figure the Living Social deal gave us the wine at half price.  Overall, a good meal at a place we enjoy, with a little discount.  Not a bad evening!

Have you been to Nonna Mia?  Leave a comment and tell us what you think.