Christmas 2018

Decoy Pinot Noir is the wine for the day tomorrow

Christmas Day 2018

We went to my sister-in-law’s house for Thanksgiving, because her kids and their kids came over. The kids split the holidays between the families. So, Christmas this year is a smaller group. My boys are home, but they’re not towing children in their wake. We expect eight for dinner, only adults. That makes things simpler. It also means, don’t run out of wine!

The Menu

My in-laws served turkey for Thanksgiving. So, we’ll have ham. I bought a Chisei Brothers ham at Zuppardo’s supermarket. The plan is to cut it in half, bake it for about an hour, then glaze it. We’ll also have mac-n-cheese, sweet potatoes in butter and brown sugar, spinach with parmesan, and some dessert. My in-laws handle the dessert this year.

The Ham Glaze

The glase for tomorrow is a honey-bourbon glaze I found on I’ll glaze half the ham with the full recipe and half without the bourbon.

My boys are whiskey snobs. LT Firstborn is a consummate Scotch snob, always the first to buy the new Glenmorangie or The Balvenie. The CPA Kiddo experiments with Bourbons. He’s seeking his style on Bourbon. In the house at the moment, we have Stagg, Pinhook, and 12yo Weller. Kiddo rejected the notion of using 1/2 cup of any of those for the glaze. I bought a bottle of Jim Beam yesterday.

The Sides

I brought the spinach for Thanksgiving. It was a hit. So, I know it will pass muster tomorrow. While I’m not as good as Chef James at Upperline at mac-n-cheese, mine isn’t bad. These dishes get their own posts after the holidays. Maybe even a bit of video, we’ll see.

I planned to make a little extra mac-n-cheese to experiment. The wife rejected chorizo mac-n-cheese or pork belly mac-n-cheese. They WILL be made before Mardi Gras, though. It’s just too easy to kick up basic mac-n-cheese. Shoot, even Kraft dinner with some Mexican chorizo isn’t all that expensive.


Our household is experimental when it comes to wine. I’ll pick up something at Zuppardo’s in the under-$20 range for your average dinner. Sometimes we’re less experimental. We pour the 1.5L bottle of Woodbridge that’s usually on the counter for cooking. The most common wines in the house are “Steve’s Picks” selections from Martin Wine Cellar.

For company, taking care of the guests is paramount. Decoy makes a solid choice. We’ll have a couple of bottles of Domaine Ste. Michelle bubbles to start the afternoon off. I picked up some Wensleydale with Cranberries and a piece of Manchego to complement the sparkling wine.


My brother-in-law is an excellent baker. I’m not sure what he’s got planned. So, it may be his wonderful chocolate pie, or perhaps something from Haydel’s or another fine local bakery. Either way, I’m not complaining.


O’Hara’s Irish Stout

My boys are craft beer junkies. They constantly check into the Untappd phone app. They love collecting badges! Good beer contributes to naptime. I don’t know if I’ll follow their lead and have beer. While I love a good dark beer, a bit of the creature is rarely a bad idea.

Sandwiches for Supper

We plan to have…wait for it…ham sandwiches for supper! Leidenheimer’s pistolettes and some nice tomato slices make a great combination.

Happy Holidays!

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