Gracious Bakery nails it!

gracious bakery

Gracious on the Avenue

Gracious Bakery – Great options on the Uptown route

Apologies for no photos, but, let’s face it, parade food isn’t very photogenic.

Gracious on the Avenue, at St. Charles Avenue and Sixth Street, is a great option for folks catching parades in the Garden District. While there are a number of great places and food trucks between Napoleon and Louisiana Avenues, St. Charles Avenue becomes very residential between Louisiana and Jackson.


The location at Sixth Street was “The Grocery” for years. It was even in the pilot of “NCIS: New Orleans,” a couple of years back. The place is now Gracious Bakery, makers of many fine breads and pastries.

Da Food

For carnival, Gracious sells sandwiches, pastries, as well as chips, candy, and drinks. We got the “Hot Beef Sandwich” and the “Hot Turkey Sandwich”. The beef sandwich is sort-of an Italian Beef sandwich, beef, white sauce, and peppers. Tasty. The turkey sandwich is a pressed sandwich, with turkey, pesto, and swiss. Also excellent. The sandwiches were $10 apiece.

In addition to the sandwiches, we had a “Andouille Roll.” It’s sort of a stromboli, smaller (the $5 price reflects that) than the sandwiches. It was good, but I felt like it needed a dipping sauce, like the marinara that usually comes with a stromboli.


We picked up a Diet Coke, water bottle, and a bag of chips, bringing the tab to $31, plus tip. The folks at Gracious on the Avenue were nice, and there wasn’t much of a line when I went (just at the start of the first parade). Overall, this was a good parade-food experience. A bit pricey, compared to a 2-piece-all-white-with-red-beans from Popeyes, but worth it.

We claimed a bit of the neutral ground side for the Sunday Parades at Third Street. The walk up to Sixth wasn’t that big a deal. If your parade-watching spot is between Jackson and Louisiana, this is a good possibility.

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