Boxing Day at Antoine’s was a fun lunch experience.

boxing day

Boxing Day at Restaurant Antoine

When LT Firstborn comes home, he requests we go out to Antoine’s. We celebrated his eighteenth birthday there. That meal stuck with him. Mrs. YatPundit and I are OK with that. Antoine’s was my father-in-law’s go-to place to wine and dine clients (he was a partner in a national Public Accounting firm). So, Mr. Branley asks, we deliver.

Boxing Day

This year, we dined at Antoine’s for lunch. The theory was, we’ll order off the “$20.18 Lunch Menu.” Well, give us credit for good intentions. Nobody ordered the “twenty-five-cent cocktail,” but my Sidecar was good. So was the wife’s Poinsettia. The drinks refreshed us as we perused the menu.


boxing day
Erstas 2-2-2

LT Firstborn ordered off the Reveillon menu. He chose Crawfish Cardinal. The dish is crawfish tails in a white-wine-tomato sauce. Tasty. Wife chose the Charbroiled Oysters from the lunch menu. Kiddo’s girlfriend had the salad. I ordered Oysters 2-2-2 off the main menu, sending them around the table. Oysters 2-2-2 is two each of Oysters Rockefeller, Bienville, and Foch.


Boxing Day
Stuffed Drum from the $20.18 Lunch menu

We ordered all over the menus. LT Firstborn had the softshell crab from the Reveillon menu. Wife and Kiddo had the Stuffed Drum (above), also from the Reveillon menu. Kiddos GF had Shrimp Regua, chilled shrimp in a horseradish/tomato/mayo dressing.

Note that wife and Kiddo chose a starter from the lunch menu and a main from the Reveillon menu. Antoine’s rolls with that. Not that it kept the price of the total check down, but who cares, when we’re just happy the family is together.

Boxing Day
Chicken Rochambeau

I ordered my usual, Chicken Rochambeau. The bottom layer is ham with the brown-sugar “Rochambeau” sauce. Then comes a grilled chicken breast, topped with Bernaise sauce. The dish has evolved since the first time I had it in 1979. Originally, the chicken was slices of roast chicken. Now, it’s a grilled chicken breast. That’s easier to manage in the kitchen. Just grill up the chicken to order, rather than worrying about having enough roasted chickens. The entire dish sat on a Holland Rusk, a variant of an English Muffin. Now, it’s served on a rice pilaf. Carbs and all that. Antoine’s provides enough French bread that I don’t sweat the loss of the bread on the bottom.


Kiddo chose the wine, and alas, I forgot to take a pic of the label. He picked a Sauvignon Blanc, since everyone ordered chicken or seafood. I’ll update this if he remembers what it was.


Boxing Day
Egg Nog Bread Pudding

Wife and Kiddo had this, the Egg Nog Bread Pudding. Reading it, I was skeptical. It was pretty good! Mr. Branley had the Holiday Meringue Glacee au Chocolat.

Cafe Diablo

LT Firstborn wanted to end the meal with Cafe Diablo. We gladly obliged him.

Antoine’s is a must for your next trip

Check out the menus for Restaurant Antoine. They’re doing the “$20.19 Winter Menu,” now that we’re in January. Enjoy!

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