holy roller by urban south

“Holy Roller IPA” from Urban South Brewery in New Orleans

On my last outing to Bayou Beer Garden, I had Urban South’s “Charming Wit”. When my 21yo saw my untappd check-in for that brew, he asked if I’d had the Urban South IPA, “Holy Roller”, yet. No! So, I saw it at WFM in #themetrys, and brought it home. This is a good IPA–not overly hoppy, and a good finish. It’s less hoppy than NOLA’s Hopitoulas, which makes it a good alternative to that beer.

Over a couple of these, kiddo and I discussed IPAs. Bayou Beer Garden’s menu breaks them down into Beginner, Intermediate, and Advanced. My tastes in IPAs ranges Beginner-Intermediate, but there are times when I want one of the ones so hoppy you think hops are going to grow from the puddle if you spill one of those beers on the floor. We like to rank who likes what better among the boys and myself. On IPAs, the like ranking goes Me-Kiddo-LT Firstborn. Mr. Branley has never been a big fan of IPAs. He’s spent more time in “English” pubs, when his boat was in the shipyard in Portsmouth, NH. The one he frequented most for soccer matches had a very-English beer list, and the classic IPAs didn’t appeal much to him.

urban south details

Urban South is located at 1645 Tchoupitoulas Street, which is between Market and St. James Streets. It’s a warehouse (no surprise). The boys went to the taproom a couple of weeks ago, when LT Firstborn came down to visit. Mom was the DD, since I was out of town that day. Both boys enjoyed the beers there. We’ve got a visit to their taproom on the to-do list. Kiddo just took the “FAR” section of the CPA exam last Saturday, so when he has his study routine down for the “BEC” section, we’ll be able to head out.


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