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“Zak Attack” – a Croque Madame at Wakin’ Bakin’ in #NOLAMidCity

(author’s note: I’m not affiliated with Wakin Bakin, other than being a very happy regular customer)

I can’t say I don’t like going to Columbus, OH, for work. My colleagues there are great people and the Columbus Food Scene (#CbusFoodScene on Instagram) is pretty good. Still, like Glinda told Dorothy, there’s no place like home. I hit The Wall of humidity as I walked out of the artificial confines of Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport yesterday evening, and relaxed. Home.

Breakfast in Mid City

Home means time to myself. I’m not a morning person, but I do get up early. It’s the price I pay to be a teacher. So, while the rest of the family is still happily crashed, I slip out and go for a walk, breakfast, and some coffee. When I don’t have any obligations (like going back to the house to teach a class via WebEx), I wander into Mid City. I’ve missed Wakin’ Bakin’! It’s been almost three weeks since my last visit here.

Naturally, one of the reasons I miss WB is their grits. The menu standards here are breakfast burritos of various kinds and “breakfast bowls”. The bowl starts with a base, grits, black beans, or hash browns. Add meat, veggies, or both, and top with eggs cooked as you like. My standard “bowl” is grits, bacon, chorizo, cheese, eggs over easy. This is what I had on my brain as I walked from the Cemeteries Terminal at Canal and City Park down here. I walked in the door, and the special board said “Zak Attack” – a Croque Madame. WB’s Mornay sauce is solid, their ham is tasty, and, well, I’ll get some grits tomorrow. The coffee is good, and the tunes are old-school this morning. While this was quite filling, there are some mini-sized Peanut Butter-Chocolate Cheesecakes in the cooler that are teasing me.

It’s good to be home.

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